Numerous recent studies and articles suggest that the rate of change is increasing. Innovation has always been one of the driving forces in competition and has always been a fundamental competitive feature. One of the most essential drivers of a company's long-term success is innovation.

Organizations have several options to increase their competitiveness; they can strive for price leadership and develop a strategy of differentiation or innovate products. In every case, innovation is essential at Lifesurge. We are convinced that in order to thrive in today's business environment, We must stand out from the crowd. It can only happen by continuous innovation.

Hemosurge innovation:

Our most popular product, ‘Hemosurge,' is a product developed in partnership with Ms Biotron Laboratories Inc. in the United States, since the Iron Amino Acid Chelate is made and delivered by them.

From a chemical and nutritional standpoint, amino acids are perfect, good chelators, or legendary. In comparison to inorganic sources of iron, iron amino acid chelate (IAAC) has been proven to have higher bioavailability and lower irritation.

The metal is embedded in a cyclic or ring-like configuration with non-electrochemically charged amino acids, and because the intestinal villi have receptors and affinity for 95 percent of amino acids, properly prepared amino acid chelates are absorbed intact and with high bioavailability through the mucosa cells.

Sunsurge granules:

Sunsurge is another novel product that contains granules that dissolve in the mouth. Orally Disintegrating Granules (ODGs) are fine powders or granules that come in small sachets. They're poured directly into the mouth and swallowed without water, making them easy to take 'on the go' because they dissolve quickly in the mouth. ODGs have a quick onset of action, which is an important feature. It lowers the risk of drug-induced esophagitis, which occurs when a tablet becomes lodged in the esophagus and dissolves in mouth while in contact with the delicate esophageal lining. It also has a pleasant taste and a good flavor. Furthermore, ODGs provide excellent bioavailability because they are dissolved / dispersed while being swallowed.


Lactose is properly dosed in Surgolact. Lactose intolerance causes symptoms in people who eat or drink lactose-containing milk or dairy products. Symptoms can range from minor annoyance to a life-threatening reaction. This is determined by the amount of lactase produced by the body and the amount of lactose consumed. Lactose can be found in a variety of dairy products, including milk and yoghurt. When your small intestine stops producing enough of the enzyme lactase to digest and break down lactose, you become lactose intolerant. Undigested lactose passes through the small intestine and into the large intestine. Symptoms such as bloating, gas, and diarrhoea are caused by bacteria that are normally present in your large intestine interacting with the undigested lactose. Lactase deficiency is another name for the condition. Adults with Asian, African, or Hispanic ancestry are more likely to have lactose intolerance. It is well known fact that100ml undiluted milk contains 5-7 grams of Lactose. 1000 Fcc units of Surgolact breaks down to 1gm of Lactose. 5000 Fcc units will contain 5gm of Lactase which is present in 100ml of undiluted milk. 20 drops of Surgolact contains 5000 Fcc units.


Modern manufacturers understand that today more than ever, enhancing product quality can determine whether their company succeeds or fails. The entire product lifetime is affected by quality, including design, manufacture and most crucially the customer experience. Consumers perceptions of product quality have shifted in recent years.

Quality refers to a product's capacity to keep the promise made to the patient by the pharmaceutical supplier. Lifesurge considers a drug to be of adequate quality if this is effective for the treatment or meets all of the medical field's essential requirements. We have established such a high standard that healthcare professionals frequently prescribe our products.

Milestone & Recognition

Entrepreneurs use business plans to make marketing, price, financial, and other estimates for new ventures. In business, a milestone tracks your progress as you grow and implement your strategy. They're what you use to track results, manage responsibilities, and turn your concept into a working business. A good milestone lays out the parameters of the work at hand and establishes expectations for how it will be completed.

At Lifesurge, the Milestones section is one of the most significant components of the complete business plan. It assists us in focusing on different aspects of our business, making swift management decisions, and eventually growing our company.

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